Discover the Malay peninsula!

The Malay Peninsula delivers you many things to do in Malaysia

Here is a south to north itinerary suggestion!

Malacca or Melaka

is located next to the Straits with the same name. This former Malay sultanate has seen many colonial occupants, including the Dutch, Portuguese and British, but is now back in the hands of its original inhabitants. To get a taste of its diverse history, it is well worth visiting the Heeren Street Heritage Centre, the Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum and the famous Jonker Street market, where you will find all sorts of souvenirs to take home! The best thing, however, is to just stroll around in the city centre and Chinatown right next to it.
For your travel planning:You can reach Melaka by bus from the Bersepadu Selatan bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur. There are also bus connections directly from the Kuala Lumpur international airport.

The Malay Peninsula delivers anything an independent traveller may wish for. In this article you will find a south to north itinerary suggestion!

Kuala Lumpur (KL)

Kuala Lumpur has shops, shopping centres, restaurants and gardens to suit every taste and plenty of hotels for all budgets, (although the budget ones can be really bad and without a window just to say). One place you should visit are the Petronas Towers, located at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) station. They host the Suria mall, that caters to people with too much cash to spend. 🙂
Also try some local dishes at one of the many food courts all over town like delicious Nasi Dagang, consisting of fish curry and rice steamed in coconut milk, or Hokkein Mee, Chinese fried noodles. The Malay cuisine – reflecting the country’s inhabitants – consists of Indian, Chinese and Malay food.
Another fun place to visit, especially with children, is the popular Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Located at Jalan Lembah Taman Tasik Perdana, the park is home to a multitude of birds including parrots, flamingos, peacocks and hornbills. The birds walk around freely, so you have the chance to get really close.
For your travel planning: From the airport take the express train right to KL sentral or – in case you arrive with AirAsia – the Aerobus to KL Sentral. KL is also well connected to the rest of the peninsula by bus.

The Malay Peninsula delivers anything an independent traveller may wish for. In this article you will find a south to north itinerary suggestion!

The Cameron Highlands

are the perfect place to go to enjoy jungle trekking and hiking, and for taking a break from the heat of the cities and beaches. The area itself is about the size of Singapore and its peak is the highest point of the Malayan peninsula, at about 1,830 metres above sea level. The Highlands also have many tea plantations, that invite visitors to enjoy a refreshing cup of locally picked tea, a butterfly Garden, that is home to many colourful butterflies and many strawberry farms.
For your travel planning: Since the highlands are stretched along the road, you should know, where you want to stop and tell the bus driver. The main town of the highlands is Tanah Rata. If you come from the west take a bus from Ipoh. If you come from the east take a bus from Gua Musang.

The Malay Peninsula delivers anything an independent traveller may wish for. In this article you will find a south to north itinerary suggestion!

The Penang island

its biggest city is Georgetown – offers much to see and explore, from shopping malls and flea markets to beautiful white sandy beaches, the loveliest being Batu Ferringhi. Another must see on the island is Penang Hill, which can be reached by either a 30 minute cable car ride from the Air Itam station or, if you are fit, by trekking up the hill itself, which involves a three hour hike through the rainforest.
For your travel planning: Quite a number of airlines fly to the Penang Bayan Lepas International Airport in the south of the island. From Butterworth you can take a train to the ferry terminal and from there reach Penang island. From the KL Pudu Raya bus terminal you can reach Penang island in about five hours.

Pulau Perhentian

(the word pulau means “island” in Malaysian) is a diver and snorkeller’s paradise. This beautiful area is to be found off the coast of Terengganu, near the Redang Marine Park, and consists of two islands, Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil, both famous for their beautiful beaches. There are plenty of opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive, bird watch, windsurf, hire a boat and even fish. Of course, if you are a more easy going traveller type, you can just relax and sunbathe.
Both islands offer plenty of tourist accommodation and dining options for all pockets. If you are on a budget, Pulau Perhentian Kecil would be the island to head for.
For your travel planning: Take a bus to Kuala Besut from Penang or Kuala Lumpur. From there take the ferry to reach the islands.

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