Travelling alone – Small group tours

So you like independent travel,

but also the luxury of not organising everything yourself? There are travel offers for you. Some companies offer small group tours, that are close to travelling alone. So they kind of close the gap between the two extremes.

You won’t be stuffed into 50 person-buses, you won’t stay in hotels with 200 rooms or more, you won’t eat in restaurants, that feel like a refectory and more. If that is, what you desire, consider booking a tour with one of these companies.

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Imaginative traveller

I was on tours with them from 2003 to 2005 in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. The travelling was always well organised and the schedule varied. The participants were mostly from Europe and some from USA, Canada and Australia. The company is based in the UK.

Intrepid travel

I was on one tour with them in Southern Thailand in 2004. The travelling was well organised. At that time the focus on responsible travel was a bit too much for me. Not that I’d not respect it, but much of it is just common sense really, that I don’t need explained ever and ever again. The participants were mostly from Australia and USA and some from Europe and Canada. The company is based in Australia.

G Adventures

I never travelled with them, but basically heard just good things about them from friends. The company seems to be based in Canada (I’m not completely sure). As the name suggests the focus lies more on adventure travel than on culture.

Tucan Travel

If you like travelling alone you might consider Tucan Travel. They are based in the UK and focus on small group tours and specialise in adventure travel. The tour dates are adapted to each other, so that it is easy to combine several tours.

Peregrine Adventures

This company has travel offers focussing on small group adventure tours. Trips with expert tour guides are offered all around the world. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience, look no further than this company. They even provide local travel guide to provide you with a truly authentic travel experience.

On the Go Tours

On The Go Tours offers near independent travel with small group tours to exotic places worldwide. If you wish to see India, Egypt, Vietnam, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, Africa or South America, this company will take you there. These tours are led by local tour guides – always a plus.



If you’d like to see some of the lesser-known places in India, Thrillophilia is your answer. This tour company specializes in adventure vacations all over India. You get to choose from 1500 experiences in 134 destinations across the sub-continent.

Trek America

Do you wish to explore America with a small group? Trek America offers just this. Small groups hop into travel vans with expert tour guides and see the United States, Canada, Alaska and Mexico – on a budget.

Geckos Adventures

Geckos Adventures provides travellers with epic small group tours across the globe. Adventures with this travel operator are geared for the young budget, backpacking traveller. This company is one of the few that span all seven continents.

Please tweet it to your followers or post it on other social media channels if you found these links useful! I hope I can ask you for that small favour in exchange.

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8 responses to “Travelling alone – Small group tours”

  1. Very good information. Thanks very much for sharing =)

    1. Dear Monica,
      I seem to have done something right reagarding search, that you as a tour operator from Ecuador arrived here. 🙂
      All the best.

  2. Thanks for sharing information

    1. You’re welcome Ankey

  3. Piers

    Very interested in Imaginative traveller. I have been to Thailand but dearly want to visit Cambodia and Vietnam. I am also a solo traveller but like the idea of small group adventure for both security and new friendships.

    1. The perfect company for this!
      Wish you fun on the trip and thank you for your comment.

  4. Dear Kathy B,
    You’re welcome. Go on a few of these tours and one day you’ll have the courage for independent travel! Guaranteed.

  5. KathyB

    I am so glad to have stumbled on this website because this post is perfect for me. I don’t have the courage to get up and go on my own but want to experience independent travel in a small like-minded group. Thank you for sharing these resources.