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About me – How I make travelling the world easier for you

Dont worry Just Travel - Portrait of Charles RahmWelcome to Dont worry Just travel!


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    Charles Rahm is a travel blogger travelling the world in his early forties,

    who likes to tackle world travel with a chemical approach and just can’t hold himself back to give his opinion on many things. You can trust him, because he doesn’t look like a maniac and gives you accurate and respectfully written information. His thing is writing travel itineraries, because he thinks that he is well organised and can deliver value. He fits the Swiss cliché as he used to work for a big bank, but stopped doing it, before boredom could kill him.

    How Dont worry Just travel will help you

    On Dont worry Just travel I’m determined to solve these problems for you:

    Give you the relevant travel advice for a certain destination. I’ll come to the point quickly and also give you practical travel tips like how to reach an attraction or when to go.

    With my page motto “Learn how to do your holiday planning when travelling solo” I want to enable you to do your own travel planning be it for travelling alone or as a couple or with friends.

    Here are the resources, that enable you to do this

    Read my travel or trip planning articles here.

    Holidays for one needn’t be a bad experience, so read articles about travelling solo here.

    What my readers say

    “I love your site, especially because you are direct and only give precise information.”

    “This is the first website in over 20 that has exactly what I need!! Thanks Charles”

    “Hi Charles, Thanks for this wonderful service that you provide!”

    “This site is great. Thanks for replying to so many questions.”

    “If I had to give a great example of top quality content, this article would be it.”

    What makes Dont worry Just travel so unique

    First and foremost my personality: A lifetime traveller in his early forties. Obviously everything you will read on here is shown through my lenses.

    During all my education I had an interest in natural sciences, my favourite being chemistry. And in organic chemistry substances, that can be harmless and useful, just need to be altered a little and become poisonous. So with my “chemical approach” I give you precise and clear travel tips about where to go, what to do there and how to reach the place. I don’t want you to have a spoiled travel experience, because I forgot an important ingredient or added an unimportant one.

    Read my articles about travel tips here.

    I like to be clear and give my opinion on things, but I’m not writing about every tiny travel occurrence, as I constantly keep asking myself, what is really relevant for you as my reader.

    Why you should trust Dont worry Just travel

    Faces count, like it or not. That is why I put my picture into this article right at the top.

    Trust can build up, if you read my articles, see, that they make sense and hence like them.

    I’m a straight person and say, what I think. But I learned, that it pays out to be polite. Hence I try to stick to the facts as I can witness them and stay polite. Because I believe that’s the way to earn your respect and trust.

    I write accurate travel advice. I’m not making things up.

    I write respectfully about a location, even if my opinions differ.

    Dont worry Just Travel - travelling the world - taiwan_taipei 101 tower

    Charles also likes to do funny stuff during his travels like here with the Taipei 101 tower, but thinks, that making the same pose all over the world as branding for a travel blog somehow is “too much”.

    What my thing is

    One rather famous travel blogger says, that as a travel blogger you need to have a “thing”!

    Well, researching and publishing a travel itinerary for a country or a certain area is my thing, as it combines my two passions: Travelling the world and organising things efficiently.

    My travel passion is visible all over this blog. So if you need a holiday just trust me and read all articles on my travel blog. 🙂

    Examples for my passion to get things organised, are:

    Any new technical device my parents bought during my childhood they gave to me, as I could figure out quickly, how to handle video recorders, CD players and similar devices without reading the instruction manual.

    Problems with Microsoft Excel? My workmates always came asking me.

    Finding a receipt to claim a warranty after 10 months? Not a problem for me. Just went to the right drawer and had it in my hands after two minutes.

    What kind of articles can you mostly find on Dont worry Just travel

    My thing: I provide travel itineraries on countries or certain regions.

    Travel advice, how to prepare to travel a certain country, e.g. Java Indonesia travel tips, Thailand travel advice and Myanmar travel tips.

    Travel advice for South East Asia and Europe.

    Dont worry Just Travel - travelling the world - canada_niagarafalls

    Charles has also been to the Niagara falls on the Canadian side in winter but so far has been to lazy to write about it.

    Who I am

    I must be insane! I’m a career breaker. I quit my secure job as risk manager in a bank in 2010 to travel through Asia for a year. After my return I tried to find a job again and then, what “I deserved”, happened. The economy was not so good at that moment, so I couldn’t find a job. That seems to be the punishment for someone, who dares quitting his job for a year in his mid thirties. …

    So having the choice between a so called job reorientation or just leaving everything behind and try to make a living while being on the road, I chose the latter one. If I don’t travel I live in Bangkok.

    I’m still waiting for the day to feel regret for having given up my job security. That feeling somehow just doesn’t want to creep up my spine. 🙂

    I’m over 40 years old now. I’m not a backpacker, also not a flashpacker, I’d say I favour independent travel and hence call myself an independent traveller. Wanna hype this up in a cool interview? I’m your man.

    My full name is Charles Rahm, born and raised in Switzerland near Schaffhausen. I grew up in a small village named Schlattingen, that happens to be almost precisely in the middle of the linear connection of two tourist attractions: The old, painted houses of Stein am Rhein in the west – very popular with Germans – and the Falls of the Rhine in the east – very popular with Asians. It is certainly not the highest, but the largest waterfall in Europe.

    I spent some of my loveliest days at the house of my uncle and aunt in England near Bedford. That is why I must write in British English. I hope you can forgive me, that I always write “traveller” instead of “traveler”.

    Dont worry Just Travel - travelling the world - cambodia mekong kompong-cham

    Charles thinks, that sunsets at the Mekong river are nothing less than magic.

    Charles also thinks, that if you don’t subscribe to the monthly newsletter of Dont worry Just travel and get his free e-book on perfect travel planning as a reward, any kind of help might just come too late for you. 🙂





    10 responses to “About me – How I make travelling the world easier for you”

    1. Raymond

      Dear Charles,
      Firstly, thank you for the very thorough and useful information here on your site. I am posting here due to an issue I was having “How to get a 60 day Thailand tourist visa” page which prevented me submitting a comment (I tried on different computers and different web browsers…)

      After reading through your article and ‘hack’ guide I have tried to choose a best visa choice for my trip and would be grateful if you could let me know if you think it is sensible. I am planning to travel from start April to end of June for a trip spanning 85 days in total, initially flying into Thailand to stay for a week before setting off to Vietnam and then later travelling back into Thailand after approximately a month. I had initially intended on attempting to get a METV visa but your recommendation has turned me away from this idea. Holding an Irish passport I am eligible for a 30-day visa-exemption which is fine for initial entry, for my second entry could I in principle obtain a 60-day SETV while in Vietnam or would there be any issues because I had previously used the visa-exemption? If there would be no issues in me obtaining the SETV, would be I be even be able to obtain it before departure from the home consulate or would I be obliged to present it upon first entry into Thailand?

      Many thanks for your help,

      1. Thanky you and you’re welcome.
        Getting a 30 day entry and then a tourit visa in Vietnam should work.
        Getting it at home as well.
        I don’t really understand the third question.

        1. Raymond

          Hi Charles,
          Thanks very much for getting back to me, it is exactly the information I was after. I can try and clarify the third issue (my bad wording, apologies). My idea is that I could get a 60-day SETV before I initially leave Ireland that I would intend to use for my later second entry to Thailand. For my first entry I would use the 30-day visa-exemption and not the SETV. I was curious to know if immigration would still be happy to give me the visa-exemption on first entry even if they knew I was also holding a SETV (I presume the SETV is stamped into the passport and they will see it). Thanks again for your help!

          1. Yes, you can do that. But make it really clear to the immigration staff, that you just want 30 days on your first trip and will use the visa the second time you come to Thailand. Otherwise they’ll stamp the visa.
            The SETV will most likely be a one page sticker in your passport. Make sure that you enter the second time before the “enter before” date on the sticker.

    2. Hi Charles, I’ve posted this earlier but it may have been under the wrong subject heading. I am traveling to bangkok shortly with an air ticket thats open for 6 months. I do not have a visa for that long. However I do have a ticket to fly to Cambodia before the end of the end of the 30 day extension visa I would receive on landing. Is this Cambodian ticket enough to show to the airline should they ask, or the immigration should they ask? I’m an Irish citizen

      1. That’s perfect. Like this you won’t have any problems.
        Either a return ticket or an onward ticket. Both is good.
        Have a good trip and beste regards, Charles

    3. Jean Finney

      Hi – I have a question and can’t see how to post it. I am in Cambodia and there is a vague possibility that I will return to Thailand. I recall and saw mentioned that after the bombing they closed that border, at least for 15 day visa exemptions. Is that the case still? Thanks, Jean

      1. Dear Jean,
        I have no idea. Check out the forum on

    4. kerry

      This is the first website in over 20 that has exactly what I need!! Thanks Charles. I was going to climb Mt Rinjani on Lombok in September but my climbing partner has had to postpone so I’ve decided to take the week without kids and go to Java instead since we already have another Bali trip coming up at Xmas.. Thanks to your map I now have a much clearer idea of where to start.

      1. Dear Kerry,
        Thank you very much for your comment and compliment. Makes me glad to hear, that I could help.
        So, enjoy your trip in Java.
        Regards, Charles