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Flight search can make you go real crazy

and it also is time consuming. At least that is how I feel or felt about it! I now have more experience to search flights and book a flight and hence am quicker. Further down you’ll find all the information, that will make flight search and compare flights an easier task. You can book flights online much quicker if you know a good website for it. From the links below take those you like. If you use them regularly, you will be more efficient from booking to booking and save time.
One further advice: I always take the flight with the price quality ratio and book it directly on the airline website. Most of the time the price will be the same. But there are cases, where the airline does not offer this directly. If you then nevertheless wish to book exactly this flight combination you will have to book with the internet company offering it. In this case google the company’s name together with the keyword “review” to find out, how others before you rated the service of that company. This can save you a lot of trouble!

Further down you will find the useful links.

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7 flight booking websites
5 flying and airline general information sites

7 flight booking websites


It’s my favourite to search flights! Once you have selected the departure and return date, Momondo presents you a bar chart with a date range of two weeks, that makes it really easy to figure out, which departure and return flight combination is the cheapest, hence perfect for flexible flight search. But before you choose don’t forget to reduce the maximum flight duration time to exclude useless results! If you collect miles Momondo gives you the option to select flights of your favourite alliance only.


Orbitz delivers you a price matrix after selecting your dates – if you select “search 3 days before and after the entered dates”. The cheapest price options will be highlighted in yellow. After selecting you can compare flights and will see the airlines flying for that price.


At Adioso, a relatively new booking site, you begin by typing in your starting destination and then creating preferences from there. The company bills itself as the world’s most flexible travel site. Check it out and see if you agree.


Kayak is an easy to use flight booking website that has lower-than-average prices in comparison to most other flight booking sites. It’s simple to use with a minimalistic layout.


Flightfox boasts the world’s best flight experts at your service. In three steps you first select the trip you would like to take. This can be anything from a one-way journey to a round-the-world odyssey. Second, the site matches you with a flight expert for your chosen itinerary. Third, you book your itinerary and “fly for less!”

Fare Scout

Once you become a member, this flight booking app offers you cheap and easy access to a world of travel. You can enquire the price of a flight route and get a prognosis, whether that price will rise or drop in the following 7 days based on the same methods, that airlines use. It works for flights departing in the coming 60 days.


On Hipmunk flights are shown in a slick, visual timeline format. This is the best website to search flights for youthful travellers who love culture and nightlife.

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5 flying and airline general information sites

Here are five more useful and awesome websites in this category:


This website offers an array of the latest information in aviation news. It also provides readers with an aviation photo search engine. Photos, forums, aviation news, aviation articles, aircraft data, and a community page make this site one of the best in the arena or general airline information.


Seatexpert offers detailed airline seat maps and all sorts of seating advice by airplane seat experts. There’s even a community and Q & A page to help you make the best decision.

Route Happy

Route Happy evaluates the happiness of a flight by allowing you to search by airline to find tips, reviews, flight quality, cost of flights and more. To find the quality of a particular air route and airline, this is the site to see.

Flight Stats

This website brings together information about airports, security wait times, flight status and much more. For comprehensive airport and flight information look no further.

Air Wise

Here you can select an airport to get flight status and arrival information. Additionally, you get top news stories and a myriad of other information related to airports, airplanes, and air travel.


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  1. Ian

    Thank you for these great resources. I travel a lot but had never come across Momondo till now. Will 100% check it out.

    1. Hello Ian,
      You won’t regret it! 🙂 Good luck with your flight search.