Why your airline might owe you money

Do you like flying?

I can only speak for me: I have a love hate relationship with it. Just recently I was flying from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, the weather was clear and it still makes me speechless, how that plane can make a steep 180 degree curve right after take-off and doesn’t just fall off the sky.

But there a few things to spoil the experience: Security checks, waiting at check-in for a felt hour and sitting in middle seats to name some.

And then there is this

Flight delays, flight cancellation or plane overbooking: A flight cancellation just happened to me recently in the Philippines. I came back to my home base Bangkok two days later than planned, because the flight one day later was already sold out. So I had to rebook two days later. How cool would it have been, if I could have gotten a compensation of 300 to 600 USD for that?

I’m quite certain, this is not going to happen in the Philippines any time soon, but if your flight starts from an EU, a Schengen country or from the United States or with an airline from those countries there is a good chance that you’re eligible for a compensation thanks to the EC261 in Europe and the airline passenger bill of rights in the US.

But there’s a catch

It is so complicated to get your delayed flight compensation

or any kind of compensation, that your head might explode during the process, because you just can’t fill out any more forms to get what you deserve according to these airline passenger rights. Obviously the airline carriers are not too keen on making it easy for you to get the compensations you’re entitled to, because your compensation is their loss.

So what to do if your flight is cancelled for example?

While it happens you will just have to follow the airline’s instructions and change your booking to a later flight.

But once it is over AirHelp enters the game.

On their very easily navigable website you can enter the details of said flight and find out, if you’re eligible for a compensation. There are three categories:

Delayed flight compensation (airline delay compensation)

Cancelled flight compensation

Denied boarding compensation (overbooked flight compensation)

They will do all work for you. If they are successful, they will keep a 25% fee of the compensation sum. If it turns out, that you’re not eligible for a compensation, you won’t be charged anything.

I would say, that this doesn’t sound too bad, that you have to pay nothing at all but could get some money in the case of a compensation.


Here is a link to reviews on Airhelp on Trustpilot

Had a delayed or cancelled flight or were denied boarding in the last 3 years? Get your compensation now!


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The process on the AirHelp website is as follows

Check if your fight qualifies on the AirHelp website or the through the app

Submit your claim

They will fight for your rights

You receive your compensation

425 USD average payout

Text source

You have got nothing to loose

You either get 75% of the compensation sum or nothing. But you certainly don’t have to pay. You just invest your time on the webpage or smartphone app.

Here a graphic overview


Infographic source

Try it, literally nothing to loose. 🙂

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6 responses to “Why your airline might owe you money”

  1. Mario

    Charles, thanks, good article which fits well to your blog. Just GetAirHelp charges more than 50% and you can find their prices here on their site under price list.
    They have a service fee of 25% and a legal fee of 25% and they take 30€ if you live in europe and want your money by wire.
    They are based in HongKong and it is hard to complain or deal with them.
    For a 250 euro claim you pay for
    – service fee: the Client will pay a Service Fee of 62 EUR
    – Legal Action Fee: of 63 EUR
    – wire fee of 30 Eur
    means 250 euro compensation – 155 euro fees = 95 euro for you
    If you check the web for claim delay flight you can find better offers.

    1. Hello Mario,
      Thank you for your comment. Here is what I think about it:
      I think, that you simplify matters. What you refer to is the worst case:
      Regarding the legal action it says: “The Legal Action Fee only applies in the event that Legal Action is undertaken.”
      Regarding payment I read that, you would pay a 30 EUR fee if you refuse to use the Payoneer payment service and insist on a bank transfer. I don’t know, how many fees would be charged by Payoneer during that process as I never heard of that company before.
      And who says, that other companies have better offers? Did you read all their disclaimers as well?
      Regards, Charles

  2. Ciaran

    Great tips and thanks for sharing the resources. I have never claimed any compensation in the past but this article has certainly made me re-think. Good work…

    1. Dear Ciaran,
      Thank you! Just give it a try when experiencing your next delay or cancellation. 🙂

  3. Awesome info!! We’re at the mercy of the airlines for so much of our travel plans and costs that it helps to know that there’s some way to at least TRY and claim some compensation when we’re due!
    [I edited your name to John, because I don’t accept company names in comments.]

    1. Yes, it’s a cool service, isn’t it?
      Thanks for your comment and compliment.