What low cost airlines to use in Asia? The Top 5

Nobody likes to spend too much money on flying.

Keep in mind, that all these airlines are good if you book a flight the normal way. If you change something like the flight route, flight date or have too much luggage they can all become a nuisance by charging extra fees. The top nuisance fee is the “spoiler fee” that is charged if you change a flight route (happened to me with Cebu Pacific).

Luggage tip: If you are unsure whether you will really need a flight, just book the flight first without any extras and then – once you are sure – book the extra luggage one or two weeks before the actual flight.

Air Asia, Malaysia

Why: This airline truly is the optimum between cheap prices and still good service. A personal favourite!

Description: Their main base is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They serve almost all destinations in South East Asia plus some in Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Bankrupt – Kingfisher, India

This airline is bankrupt and offers no services at the moment.

Why: Best low cost carrier to get around in India

Description: They serve about 70 domestic destinations in India plus international destinations in Europe as well as Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few others.

Jetstar, Singapore

Why: Good low cost airline go get around in South East Asia and Australia/New Zealand

Description: They fly to many destinations within South East Asia, but also to Australia and New Zealand.

Spring Airlines, China

Why: Good low cost carrier to fly within China

Description: They serve many domestic destinations within China. But you can also rely on on the other main Chinese airlines as they aren’t that expensive either.

Cebu Pacific, Philippines

Why: They offer domestic flights in the Philippines and some international connections

Description: Within the Philippines they often are the cheapest option. They offer international connections to China, Korea, Thailand and a few other destinations.

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