What low cost airlines to use in Asia? The Top 5

Nobody likes to spend too much money on flying.

Keep in mind, that all these airlines are good if you book a flight the normal way. If you change something like the flight route, flight date or have too much luggage they can all become a nuisance by charging extra fees. The top nuisance fee is the “spoiler fee” that is charged if you change a flight route (happened to me with Cebu Pacific).

Luggage tip: If you are unsure whether you will really need a flight, just book the flight first without any extras and then – once you are sure – book the extra luggage one or two weeks before the actual flight.

Air Asia, Malaysia

Why: This airline truly is the optimum between cheap prices and still good service. A personal favourite!

Description: Their main base is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They serve almost all destinations in South East Asia plus some in Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Bankrupt – Kingfisher, India

This airline is bankrupt and offers no services at the moment.

Why: Best low cost carrier to get around in India

Description: They serve about 70 domestic destinations in India plus international destinations in Europe as well as Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few others.

Jetstar, Singapore

Why: Good low cost airline go get around in South East Asia and Australia/New Zealand

Description: They fly to many destinations within South East Asia, but also to Australia and New Zealand.

Spring Airlines, China

Why: Good low cost carrier to fly within China

Description: They serve many domestic destinations within China. But you can also rely on on the other main Chinese airlines as they aren’t that expensive either.

Cebu Pacific, Philippines

Why: They offer domestic flights in the Philippines and some international connections

Description: Within the Philippines they often are the cheapest option. They offer international connections to China, Korea, Thailand and a few other destinations.

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2 responses to “What low cost airlines to use in Asia? The Top 5”

  1. Paul

    Worth noting that Skymark airlines have restructured after their bankruptcy and may start International flights.

    1. Hello Paul,
      Thanks for the hint and your comment.