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And then all Google shows you is websites, that only give a partially satisfying result or go into much more detail than you asked for.

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5 must have travel apps

4 Travel Forums

5 Innovative travel websites

5 Websites for travel trip planning

5 must have travel apps

You can find those apps in your IPhone or Android app store.

Trip It

The free Tripit travel trip planning app organizes all your unstructured travel details into one sleek, masterful itinerary. With this trip planner app, you can see all your trip details in a quick and easy glance. Whether you’re online, offline or in airplane mode you can access your trip details.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free app that offers instant language translation even without a data connection. There’s a text to speech component when spelling becomes overwhelming. You can save your translations and access them from any device.


CityMaps2Go helps you pre-plan your travel route by pinning key locations. It includes interactive offline maps and travel guides covering the entire globe – perfect for avoiding international data charges. Cost: USD 2.99

Wi-Fi Finder by Jiwire Inc

Get this Wi-Fi finder for free. The app can be used, when offline. Then you’ll be able to locate Wi-Fi spots the world over to find travel advice locally after the start of your trip. This free app covers listings that span over 144 countries.

Google Maps

Google Maps, one more of the Google travel apps, is a free app offering maps, directions and traffic reports from point A to point B. It includes extra details for subway times, bus routes, bike and pedestrian paths. Save your maps for offline access.

4 Travel Forums

Thorn Tree travel forum

One of the most active travel forums. In case you don’t find what you need to know in a search you’re likely to get five to ten answers within 24 hours. You might even spark a passionate discussion about your question. But keep in mind, that Thorn Tree is backpacker focussed. So if you need to know, which is the best five star hotel in Shanghai, maybe ask in another travel forum.

Virtual Tourist

Virtual Tourist has a very practical feature, the Travel Answers. Just ask, whatever you need to know and you’ll get answers by other travellers. If your answer is on a side topic or people might feel, you’re too lazy to google it, you might not get, much attention. But if you ask an interesting question, you’re most likely to get interesting answers.


One of the established forum to get travel advice from other fellow travellers. But it’s not the most active one. But wherever you post you’ll get your response within 24 hours.

Travel Forum

This is an example of a classical travel forum. It is perhaps not so suitable to ask questions about any topic with a guaranteed answer. But you could surf through a certain topic and get some good travel inspiration out of it!

Having trouble to obtain good travel information? Here you'll find links to websites with useful awesome travel advice and travel ideas!

5 innovative travel websites


The well known Tripadvisor website has a special subsite, that allows you to collect inspiration for your next trip. You will have to fill out a short form and then you’ll be inspired with trip suggestions, that help you create your travel ideas.


A travel link totally devoted to travel inspiration is Geckogo. It is community based, so you can profit from the experience of other travellers.

Trippy lets friends around the world plan your vacations for you. The site does so by syncing with social media sites like facebook, allowing your online pals to provide you with itineraries and travel ideas. Trippy bills itself as the “facebook of travel.”

Here, locals create custom travel experiences for you. Interested in taking a tapas tour through Seville with a local? Perhaps a photography shoot in Paris with a professional who lives in the City of Light? Book your customized travel experience on Vayable.


Indagare is a beautiful site with travel information from the across the globe. Indagare has a team of travellers who scout out the best of the best and come back to report it on their site. The basic travel ideas are available to anyone however, to go deep into the travel world of Indagare you must become a member.

7 websites for travel trip planning


Increase your travel lust and already have a look at the next city travel destination of your choice in a 360 degree panoramic view.


Wikitravel is the wikipedia of travel. It offers a wealth of information for your travel planning for main destinations and also offers good information on some of the not so well known destinations. If you gather information on the next place, you want to visit, it never hurts to check here.


Peek is a travel planner to plan a personalized tour or find a travel deal in one of the fifteen locations they cover. The site offers free membership and live help to assist you in your planning.


On this site you’ll find travel advice for trips for destinations across the USA, some European cities and a handful of spots around Africa and Asia. A variety of fun travel ideas and tips abound on this easy to navigate and visually appealing site.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Extra pack of peanuts helps you learn the business of “travel hacking.” Want to plan your travelling lifestyle and learn the ins and outs of getting the best deals in hotels, airlines and more? This site is a trip in and of itself.

Road Trippers

Roadtrippers helps you plan the great American road trip. Here you’ll find America’s best lodgings, attractions, routes and maps. You can even navigate with the free mobile app.

Gadling is a comprehensive travel site that covers all types of travel across the globe. Experts chat about adventure travel, luxury travel, budget travel, travel photography, airlines, hotels and give you all the travel information you need. This is an excellent site to help you plan your next trip.

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    1. Thank you Cez, happy travels to you and regards, Charles

  2. Ritchie

    These links will help me a lot so thanks for the share. Personally I like to research and plan my entire trip before I set off, why? Because it saves me time and I’m not the spontaneous type 🙂 Good luck to anyone who just sets off without a plan or doing any research.

    1. Dear Ritchie,
      Well, I think, both ways work. I prefer general planning at the start like getting a flight and first hotel and the a little bit of planning each day during the trip.
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