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Does this happen to you as well?

Every now and then you search the internet for an accommodation option, be it a hostel or a hotel and maybe you have asked yourself, whether you already know all the websites, that might help you? Further down you will be able to find tons of hotel reviews and more. You will be able to find hotels or hostels to your liking for sure!

Don’t save time on reading the reviews. Only then will you be able to track down the hotel or hostel of your taste!

Further down you will find the useful links.

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6 hotel review sites

6 hotel booking sites

8 websites to rent apartments

2 hostel booking sites

6 hotel review sites


The global number one – I think – has the advantage, that you’ll find hotel reviews of almost any hotel there. But be careful – not only on Tripadvisor – and don’t trust any rating, that is based on less than 20 reviews.


The European competitor of Tripadvisor in hotel rating. But of course you find ratings of hotels worldwide there as well. I personally find the design of the site less confusing than on Tripadvisor.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, the company known for its shoestring travel books has a great feature on its site to find hotels and their reviews across the globe. The site is fun, fast and user-friendly.


Oyster bills itself as the only hotel site that inspects in person. Search for hotels in a variety of categories including: foodie hotels, kid-friendly hotels, new and notable hotels, hotels for romance, and much, much more.

Virtual Tourist

Enter your hotel information and get reviews from travellers who have actually been there. Become a member and help fellow travellers find hotels of best quality and more when you join this fabulous travel website.


Raveable helps travellers find the best hotels by providing top-down analysis of hotel reviews from many sources. The sites advertises itself as the “Cliffs Notes of hotel reviews.”

6 hotel booking sites


This is my favourite! There are over hundred criteria besides the obvious location to choose from to pick your perfect hotel room. For me as a blogger Wi-Fi obviously is the most important one. Then check the room rating, that are from customers who really made a booking, and decide. I was almost never disappointed.


With this hotel booking site it is a bit more difficult to find a good match, as their search criteria are not so well structured. Especially looking for the lowest prices at a location is difficult. But they have a points system, that allows you to book about every tenth night with a discount.

Tablet Hotels

Tablet hotels provides readers with a global selection of professionally reviewed hotels. These reviews are backed by guest ratings and comments.

Room 77

This site is geared towards travellers looking for hotel rooms with the most amenities. It covers room-by-room amenities and floor plans for hotels in North American and European cities.

Your Room Key

This site is intended for American business travellers but also useful for normal travellers. It finds the cheapest rooms at major-brand hotels near airports and business districts.


As they say Escapio is a hotel booking site with unique hotels on offer. They make sure, that the hotel description are accurate, so that you know exactly, what you’ll get if you book. In addition they offer a best price guarantee. If you find the same hotel room type with same booking dates cheaper somewhere else, they will pay the difference.

8 websites to rent apartments


The number one in the market if you want to rent an apartment or room instead of a hotel room.


The European based competitor of AirBnB with pretty much the same purpose.


Stay at an apartment for free, but be a good guest for your host. I used it in Taiwan and Vietnam and met great people and made friends.


Not only a great place to snag a vacation rental, tripping is also effective for arranging a casual coffee with a local. It bills itself as the world’s largest search engine for booking a vacation rental. It does this by comparing properties from the world’s top rental sites.

Only Apartments

This apartment rental website lists over 20,000 apartments in over 92 countries. The site is simple to use. Maps help you find apartments in your chosen destination at a glance. You can book instantly, without having to wait for the response of the apartment rental’s owner.

Be my Guest

If you are travelling to Berlin, Amsterdam or Edinburgh, look no further than this website. It specializes in “hand-picked short-stay apartments and bed and breakfasts” in these three European cities.

Flat Club

This site specializes in stays from a few days to a few months in New York City and London. Flat club is a club, however, as it is solely for alumni and university students from top universities.


This site is a peer-to-peer property rental for travellers looking to stay in locals’ apartments. It’s another European competitor to the US based AirBnB.

2 hostel booking sites


I’m using this site for at least 10 years now to book cheap hostels and hotels and was never disappointed.


Just like on Hostelworld you can book cheap hostels and hotel here. It looks reliable, but I never used it personally, because I was always satisfied with Hostelworld.

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  1. Dear Mark,
    Thanks for your advise and link.

  2. Mark

    I travelled lately with and found a beautiful large apartment in the center of Barcelona for a very reasonable price. Great experience, I can recommend this to anyone!

  3. Dear Brian,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I use them first as well, but in my case, because they have the best search options in my opinion.

  4. BrianR

    Because of the way work, they generally get the best negotiated rates with hoteliers. For a cheap hotel stay I always check them first.