Mekong dolphins in Kratie

When I thought about what to do in Cambodia, I was absolutely thrilled by the existence of fresh water dolphins in Kratie. They are called Irrawaddy dolphins. So I guess the question “Can dolphins live in freshwater?” is answered with this. There are dolphin species, that can. With a bit of luck they can be seen there in Kratie. I was lucky – back in 2012 after 30 minutes of waiting, the boat driver already wanted to return – and made one good picture and video of them. So Kratie is one of the best places to see dolphins. Unfortunately those dolphins are in danger to be extinct.

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How to get to the dolphin watching point

Rent a motorbike or a bicycle and drive up north from Kratie about 15 km to the Kampi village. Watch out on the left side for a place with some food stalls, parking and one building.

The place is not so easy to spot, so if you are less adventurous arrange a tuktuk ride from Kratie. The locals on the way don’t speak any English, so they can’t help you with directions.

What to do in Kratie

Kratie city is a relaxed spot. You can have a dinner meal from the locals somewhere along the river and there are some good restaurants in town. Other than seeing dolphins and having a dinner along the river there is not many things to do in Kratie in Cambodia.

How to get to Kratie for your travel planning

You can reach Kratie by bus from Phnom Penh or from Kompong Cham. It is usually ok to buy the ticket one day before you go. Be there half an hour early, as the buses sometimes depart earlier (actually happened to me in Kratie back to Phnom Penh). I recommend to take the buses in the morning, because travelling in Cambodia takes time and I prefer to arrive while there is still daylight.

kratie 100 1818

A hotel entrance in Kratie I liked. According to the hotel owner the rabbit symbolises the forest that used to be at that place before.

Kratie weather: Best time to visit

The Kratie weather is similiar to the rest of Cambodia. The best time to go is the dry season from November to February.


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