Here‘s how to get a Malaysia Tourist Visa

Malaysia is one of the most vibrant and interesting countries in Asia. With a lively mix of cultures, fantastic scenery and great adventure sports opportunities it has something for everyone.

So get your Malaysia Tourist Visa

– if you need one (see below) and visit Malaysia, here’s one suggestion!

No visa required for

Most (but not all) Commonwealth and European countries, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, UAE, Uruguay and Yemen.
For citizens of other countries you may need a visa for stays longer than one month, longer than 14 days or for any visit. Details are available online. If you are an Israeli citizen you will need a visa and permission from the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs.

Visa on arrival

Not available

Where to get the visa

You can apply for a visa at any Malaysian embassy or consulate. If your country does not have a Malaysian representative office you can apply at the British Embassy or British High Commissioner’s Office.

Learn about all the details of how to get a Malaysia tourist visa here. Also find out, whether you need one or you can just enter Malaysia without a visa.
Penang’s skyline is a mix of old and new. The rich Malaysian culture is just as fascinating.
Picture copyright by Mohammed Alnaser.

Which documents have to be provided?

To apply for a Malaysian tourist visa you must send the following documents:

  • Passport valid for at least six months after the end of the planned stay, plus a photocopy of the passport’s photo page.
  • One coloured 45×35mm passport photo, showing head and shoulders only.
  • Flight itinerary with arrival and departure dates.
  • Hotel reservation or proof of onward travel.
  • (If employed) Letter from employer granting leave for the period of the visit.
  • Proof of financial status. This can be bank statements going back three months, with a balance of at least 1,000 USD on the most recent one, or travellers’ cheques with a value of at least 1,000 USD. Cash is not acceptable.

Visa characteristics

A Malaysian tourist visa can be either single entry or multiple entry. A single entry visa is valid for up to three months after issue and lets you make a single visit to Malaysia; it expires when you leave the country. A multiple entry visa is usually valid for one year and allows as many visits as you like, but each visit has a maximum length of 30 days and it is not possible to apply to extend them for longer.

Visa fee

A single entry visa costs around 16 USD. A multiple entry visa costs about 32 USD for most people who require one. There are different charges for Indian citizens (30 USD) and citizens of the People’s Republic of China (10 USD).

Process at the immigration desk of airport or land border

You will need to fill in an IMM 26 arrival card before the immigration desk and hand it to the officer. Getting through immigration is usually easy as long as you have a valid visa, but be prepared to show that you have enough money for your stay.


  • Be careful with your luggage when travelling to Malaysia and don’t transport or carry any item for anyone else. If you are found with illegal drugs you face a death sentence.
  • Make some copies of your passport to carry with you. It’s safest to leave your travel documents in your hotel safe, but the police carry out frequent immigration sweeps and proof of identity can save you a lot of trouble.


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14 responses to “Here‘s how to get a Malaysia Tourist Visa”

  1. Yhel

    . hi im yhel i want to stay in Malaysia on 3months ?? I ask if need get a visit visa or not ?? Please reply me

  2. bevz

    i have a single entry visa to malaysia.but we are about to go to japan for a 5 days vacation. u think immigration officer will allow me to travel. i have a work waiting for me in kota kinabalu.. but i plan to go first to japan after that go back to kk and start to work. what is your idea about that?

  3. IS from Chennai with Indian Citizenship..Im coming to Malaysia just 5 days..for this do I need to proof of financial statement?

  4. Asamoah

    hello i am from Ghana and i need Malaysia Tourist Visa can anyone help out here?

  5. shane omi

    hello, i am shane and i want to visit Malaysia they said that i will get a 30 days visit, what if i extend for 3 days more do i get a penalty or something?

  6. Arshad

    Hello, I’m Indian living in ksa and I want to apply for tourist visa for Malaysia but I Don’t have 3 months bank statement and have an amount of 2500 dollars in my bank account currently. If I apply for tourist visa for ten days and provide them with all my documents like flights booking with return tickets and amount of 2500 dollars that are currently in my account. Will they grant me visa?

    1. I have no idea.
      You will just have to try it. Worst case is that you loose your visa fee, as those usually are non refundable.
      Good luck!

  7. md towabur rahman

    just i want know that i am going to holiday tour in kualalampur for 3 days but how much usd i need to show in imigrasition?

    1. Hello Towabur,
      I don’t know specifically.
      If they ask, have your hotel bookings and flight return ticket ready to show, that you will go for three days. Then show them, that you have enough money with you for three days.
      Then – I think – you shouldn’t have any issues.

      1. My friend also wants to visit in malaysia but she was scared if the immgratuon in philippines does’nt allow her to contnue her travel the day her plan just tree day

  8. Alysia Stokes

    My neighbor is working in Malaysia as a contractor as an offshore oil driller and will make over 2 million dollars when the contract is fulfilled. He was told in order to leave the country with a check for that amount, he has to obtain documents to get him through customs/immigration at each check point/layover/airport. He says he was also told for a check of that amount the fee would be about $4500. Can you confirm or validate if what he is being told is true?

    1. Dear Alysia,
      This has nothing to do with a tourist visa. I can’t help you out, sorry.

  9. Jo

    I am canadian visiting malaysia, my 90 days is almost up. I want to visit indonesia or singapore, and go back to malaysia, can i get the extension for malaysia when i visit one of those other close countries?

    1. Dear Jo,
      You mean: Will Malaysia let you enter again for 90 more days?
      I think, yes, if you did not stay there all the time.
      Why don’t you just ask the immigration officer, when you leave Malaysia, about this?