Brunch @ Sofitel Bangkok

Do you like to treat yourself to something special on a Sunday in Bangkok? Well, then one of your options is the Hotel Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of things available: A seafood buffet, salad buffet, sushi bar, European warm foods buffet, Asian warm foods buffet, antipasti corner, pizza corner, fruit juice, champagne and cocktail bar, the cheese and wine storage room and three corners with fruits, sweets and desserts awaiting you. More can be ordered to be served to your table freshly.

All the food is of best quality and produced in the hotel including every dessert pastry you find.

sofitel-bkk-100 0439

After enjoying some of the foods I discovered a leaflet on the table introducing the executive chef, Mr. Poirot, and describing his impressive career so far. So you’re taken care of by an expert and his professional team. They make sure, that your expectations in taste and quality are met.

I was also impressed by the small and lovely details I could find: Every buffet had small dishes so you could try a speciality with just one or two bites. I also noted sweetly glazed apples ready on a stick, a not so small ice sculpture with holes in it to store the champaign bottles and freshly made macaroons.

More information about the brunch can be found on the facebook page of the Sofitel hotel.

How to get there: Take the sky-train/BTS to Nana-station and exit towards Soi 11 and walk 200 metres.

sofitel-bkk-100 0392

sofitel-bkk-100 0395

sofitel-bkk-100 0396

sofitel-bkk-100 0402

I forgot to mention the chocolate fountain.

sofitel-bkk-100 0413

And they have an icecream-carousel. It really rotates.

sofitel-bkk-100 0405

Are you a foodie? There is one more article about food in Bangkok.

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5 responses to “Brunch @ Sofitel Bangkok”

  1. John

    All the major 5 star’ish hotels have nice buffets, with the best one being on Sunday, as a Sunday brunch: Sofitel, Marriott, Sheraton, Landmark, 4 Seasons, Hilton, Athenee, Dusit Thani, etc., Trader Vic’s at what used to be the Marriott on the Chao Praya (which has been taken over by another chain). All of them start around 1,500+ (the Landmark had a 2 for 1 special with minimum of 4 people for a while) and some also offer an open wine/champagne bar along with the buffet for an additional charge. Google Sunday brunches in Bangkok for descriptions and opinions, everyone has his favorite based on what kind of food they like (from steak to sushi to seafood to Chinese, etc). Almost all make their own bakery goods, and fresh squeezed juice of all kinds. Not cheap, but definitely worth the extra money if you have a varied and expensive palate.

    1. Hello John,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I read somewhere (forgot the source), that Bangkok is the best place on Earth to experience five star hotels and their services like Sunday brunches. They certainly have one of the best price to service ratios on the 5 star level worldwide.

  2. Michelle

    Wow that’s still pretty expensive for a student like me 🙁 Haha the food looks really yummy in your pictures though. Thanks for the fast reply! 🙂

  3. [quote name=”Michelle”]Great post! 🙂 Can you please tell me how much it cost per person? It’s probably too expensive for me haha.[/quote]Thank you Michelle!When I was there, the price for all the food including basic drinks like coffee and water was 1’800 Baht net. On a forum I read, that it now is 1’600 Baht net, but I’m not sure! (net means, that taxes and service is included in the price)Regards, Charles

  4. Michelle

    Great post! 🙂 Can you please tell me how much it cost per person? It’s probably too expensive for me haha.