Newest Bangkok taxi scam

Please stay alert to avoid such Bangkok taxi scams or rip-offs!

The new Bangkok taxis now seem to have meters, where one can manually add a certain amount. After arriving at Don Muang airport mid January 2014 I ordered a taxi at the taxi stand as always. Before starting, the driver turned on the meter and it displayed 35 Baht. Then he added the airport charge of 50 Baht, after which the meter showed 85 Baht.
At the end of the drive he asked for the price on the meter (which was 290 Baht) plus 50 Baht airport surcharge. I told him, that I saw, that he added it to the meter amount already. Then he just asked for the normal price.
Many Bangkok taxi drivers try to get more money than they deserve on many occasions.

Also be careful not to fall into these traps! The one with the credit card occurs often in Thailand!

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6 responses to “Newest Bangkok taxi scam”

  1. Jens

    Haven’t noticed that one before. Must be new. last time my wife and I caught a taxi to Siam square it was quicker and cheaper than the air train from the airport. No issues..

    1. Hello Jens,
      It’s probably a scam, that is hard to notice, if you don’t pay attention. It is also possible, that not too many taxi drivers do it.

  2. Gio

    Interesting. I wasn’t aware that taxi drivers can add on a airport surcharge. I will keep my eyes open for this from now on.

    1. When they are on the meter I always watch what they do. Very helpful!
      Thanks for your comment, Gio.

  3. Dear Faith,
    Yes, it is a shame! There are good taxi drivers in Bangkok, but maximum 50%.
    I made good experiences in Taiwan and China. There I was never cheated.

  4. Fatih

    It’s a shame but taxi drivers seem to be much the same all over the world. I am sure that every traveller has a tale to tell about taxi drivers. It really is a pity because most taxi drivers ruin the reputation of their country.