Things to do in Burma: Be ready for unimaginable beauty

I limit these ideas of things to do in Burma / Myanmar to the places, that I’ve visited. I couldn’t make it to Mrauk U because of unrest at the time I was there, but it certainly belongs to the places to see as well. Here is more information from Wikitravel.

Another remark is concerning the off limits places: For many places in Burma you need special permits or have to take a tour and that quickly amounts to several 1000 dollars if you really want to see everything. And I wasn’t willing to do that, as first it is expensive and second isn’t independent travel.


Why: The main reason is the unique atmosphere

Description: Besides the old temples the thing that attracted me the most here is the atmosphere. The horse carts going their ways, witnessing a temple at sunrise and exploring everything by bike on the second day. It was unique and peaceful.

How to get there: Fly in or from Yangon or Mandalay, take the bus from Mandalay or – if you visited Pyay beforehand – come by train from the Shwethekar station 10 km outside of Pyay.

bagan da-ma-yan-gyi 100 1590

bagan ananda-phaya 100 1276


Why: To see the biggest unfinished pagoda of the world

Description: I was impressed by the size of “the biggest brick-pile of the world”. It looks magic and the earthquake damages add some mystery to it. Also impressive and beautiful is the Hsinbyume Paya.

How to get there: Rent a motorbike guide for 15’000 Kyat a day. He will bring you to the place to board the tourist boat across the Ayarwaddy river and will show you other attractions in the afternoon.

mingun-paya 100 1997

mingun-hsinbyume-paya 100 1972


Why: I enjoyed hiking through the rice fields.

Description: You should do a hike in Hsipaw through rice fields, local villages and just soak up the atmosphere. Little Bagan in Hsipaw is a plus as you get a chance to see stupas that are not fully restored and hence have their charms.

How to get there: You can reach Hsipaw by air by flying to Lashio and then taking a taxi, pick-up or bus to Hsipaw. From Mandalay you can reach it by train in a journey of 10 to 15 hours. By bus from Mandalay you can reach Hsipaw in about 6 hours.

hsipo 100 2205

hsipo 100 2131

Samkar / Inle Lake

Why: The beautiful landscape of Samkar impressed me the most.

Description: After touring the Inle Lake on the first day you can go to Samkar lake south of Inle lake to explore ancient pagodas of the Shan empire. The boat ride down there actually is the main attraction witnessing beautiful landscapes and rural life along the river.

How to get there: Tell your guest-house or travel office, that you want to visit Samkar and share a boat with other tourists.

samkar1 100 2905

samkar2 100 2586


Why: It is or feels like the religious centre of Burma.

Description: And because of that offers some of the nicest Pagodas to have a look at, e.g. the Kuthodaw Paya storing the complete Buddhist writings on stone plates. Also don’t miss the sunset at Mandalay hill and don’t cheat! Going up the stairs for 30 to 45 minutes belongs to the experience.

How to get there: Rent a motorbike guide for 15’000 Kyat a day to see the attractions of Mandalay.

mandalay ku-tho-daw-pagoda 100 2063

mandalay mandalay-hill bild083

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12 responses to “Things to do in Burma: Be ready for unimaginable beauty”

  1. In the end, Burma can be called as museum of temples, that’s for sure!
    [Admin: I don’t allow company names, replaced with first name]

    1. Dear Jafar,
      That’s quite to the point. 🙂

  2. April

    Bagan is probably one of the most majestic places that I have ever been fortunate enough to visit. I would say that everyone needs to visit Bagan at least once in their lifetime. We were in Myanmar in August, so it was the rainy season but once we left Yangon, we also left the wet weather behind and we dried out in Bagan which tends to be drier.

    1. Hello April,
      Thank you for your comment. I absolutely agree! 🙂

  3. Love the city Bagan, Burma for its stunning temples! Also love their traditional Full-Moon festival.

    1. Hello Fon,
      I love Bagan as well! 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

  4. Dear Benjamin,
    I enjoyed trekking around Hsipo. I hope you will too!

  5. BenjaminT

    Thanks for the post. Hsipaw looks well worth a visit. I may change my travel plans to get there

  6. [quote name=”Audrey”]Whoa, Mingun looks impressive! You always hear of Bagan, but this unfinished pagoda looks like it’s worth checking out! :D[/quote]Dear Audrey,Thanks! Enjoy Burma once you go there!Charles

  7. Whoa, Mingun looks impressive! You always hear of Bagan, but this unfinished pagoda looks like it’s worth checking out! 😀

  8. Dear Samuel, I hope you can find all the info you need here. Cheers, Charles

  9. This is a timely post! Visiting Myanmar on my next trip around SE Asia is a high priority. I’ve always had Visa issues or something to deal with the prevented me from going. Not this time though – I’m determined to go.