These 5 Colombia hidden places are unique and awesome

Hidden places

This series covers places where not many tourists show up. Discover the gems, that lie off the beaten tourist track!
Only attractions where, during my entire visit, I haven’t come across more than five other international tourists make it into this category. I don’t count local tourists.

If it’s life you want, then its life you will get. Colombia is one of the world’s five richest countries in biological diversity, coupled with its unspoilt colonial heritage and colourful festivals. As the Colombian travel slogan says ‘the only risk is wanting to stay’.

So here are some suggestions to explore Colombia off the beaten path to live up to that slogan.

Parque Jaime Duque – Bogota

This is Colombian culture at its most quirky yet fascinating best. If an eerie water tunnel boat ride through a medieval castle of Dante’s Divine Comedy isn’t quite your thing, then perhaps a guided tour of 113 scenes of the most pivotal moments of the history of man in the Universe is.

How to get there: From Bogota travel by Transmilenio bus to Portal Norte calle 170 then catch a bus to Autopista Norte and get off at Briceño.


Chicamocha Canyon and ‘Camino Real’ – Department of Santander

Located 50 km south of the city of Bucaramanga, Chicamocha canyon boasts spectacular landscapes and a wide variety of adventure activities. The aerial cable car ride allows tourists to view it in all its splendour. South of Chicamocha Canyon is the spiritually rejuvenating three-hour walk ‘Camino Real’ between two of Colombia’s most charming colonial towns Barichara and Guane – an almost surreal experience; a pilgrimage into a different age.

How to get there: Frequent buses travel north from Bogota to Bucaramanga or you may decide to stay in San Gil situated just 10 kilometres from Barichara. Alternatively, fly directly to Bucaramanga and take a bus south 1.5hours to Chicamocha or San Gil.


Islas del Rosarios and Playa Blanca – Cartagena

Sit back on the speedboat and hold onto your hat as you rocket past Cartagena’s ancient castle of San Fernando de Bocachica and arrive a little bit wetter at the island hotel. Go swimming or do some snorkelling, then succumb to your saltwater-induced appetite with a tasty hot pescado lunch. In the afternoon visit the aquarium and marvel at the acrobatic dolphin display. On the way back, drop in at the Playa Blanca, sit under a coconut tree and unwind with a delicious piña colada served straight from a coconut.

How to get there: Frequent flights, international and domestic, go to Cartagena. Boats leave from Muelle Turístico between 8am and 9am and return 4pm to 6 pm.


Mompòs – Department of Bolivar

Mompòs is a town bordered by boggy rivers and dense vegetation located on the eastern branch of the Magdalena Río in the northern Colombian interior. Time may have passed Mompòs by, but the tourists have just started exploring this once-forgotten land. The colonial architecture is something to behold as is the town’s speciality gold jewellery and furniture making.

How to get there: Mompòs is a bumpy six-hour bus ride from Cartagena. You’ll arrive at Maganguè and board a boat for Bodega and then continue by bus to Mompòs.

Laguna de La Cocha – Pasto

La Laguna de La Cocha is a high Andean lake located in the southern Andes of Colombia just 27km east of the city of Pasto in the Nariño Department. Hop on a boat to cross Colombia’s second largest natural body of freshwater and visit the flora sanctuary on the island Corota. More than just a breath of fresh air, La Cocha is a wetland ecosystem of international significance.

How to get there: Frequent flights operate to Pasto. Buses for the lake leave from in front of the Iglesia Santo Sepulcro at Calle 22, Carerra 7.



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  1. Hello Miranda,
    That doesn’t hurt for most places to visit. 🙂
    Thank you for your comment.

  2. Administrator

    Muchas gracias Gloria 🙂

  3. Gloria Constanza Avila

    Colombia “País de Maravillas Escondidas”. Que delicia es recrear los ojos con estas bellas fotografías, es recordar la infancia, es deleitarse con una cultura con sabor latino e influencia española, que nos llama a ser parte de su paisaje, a conocer su cultura y a disfrutar de su gente.

    Doy gracias al autor de este articulo quien ha podido mostrar en pocas lineas la esencia de un gran pueblo.