Where to stay for cheap accommodation? Try Hostelworld.

Where to stay on my next trip?

Will I be able to stay in places, that are not too expensive?
Will I meet travel companions when travelling alone?
I like cheap accommodation, but how can I make sure, I get a decent room or dorm bed?

The answer to these questions is Hostelworld!

Hostelworld is one of the best websites to book cheap accommodation. So if you look for places to stay without spending too much money on your room or dorm bed, Hostelworld is the place to go!

In short

Save money: Don’t pay much for decent accommodation!
Meet new and cool people on the road!
Read the hostel ratings to pick a nice, good quality hostel!

Try it right now and book an accommodation on Hostelworld!

Why should you use it?

The most obvious reason obviously is saving money. But there is one other very important reason! You will get to know people. If you are travelling alone, you will much more likely make new friends in a hostel than in a hotel, because people, that want to get in touch with others, usually look for places to stay like hostels. I would not want to miss those memories from hostels, that I booked on Hostelworld:

  • A long while back in Madrid I had a discussion with a hostel owner. He was a total formula one fan and adoring Fernando Alonso. It was fun!
  • Also in Madrid I got in touch with a really shy woman from Korea. But – over time – we warmed up to each other and explored some parts of Madrid together.
  • In Barcelona I stayed in a hostel, that organised city tours. I remember conversations with an interesting woman from Finland and with a guy, that worked for the Brazilian government.
  • In Hualien in Taiwan I first encountered a Dutch lady. We are good friends to the present day!

And I don’t even consider myself an extroverted person. Even if you sit in the communal area and don’t say much it is still likely, that someone just starts talking to you.

The rating system makes sure, that you will not end up in dirt holes. I was just once disappointed, when I booked a room in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The reviews were good, because the staff there and the communal area were nice, but the rooms clearly were not. But still they were clean.

Just to be clear on it: it is your responsibility to read the ratings before booking! Nobody can release you of that duty.

Convinced? So just give it a try on Hostelworld.

I’m almost 100% sure, that you won’t regret it!

Where to stay: Decent room or dorm bed?

Hostelworld allows you to choose settings along with your search. I often choose to stay in a hostel with ensuite bathroom but still with a good communal area. I hit the jackpot with this approach in a hostel in Kunming China, where I had my cool and quiet large room with ensuite bathroom and could go to the communal area and get to know new people and have some beers in a decent environment.

Can you be too old?

No! I remember a guy in a hostel in Vilnius Lithuania. He was over 50 years old, but incredibly entertaining. He kept everyone in that room, from 18 to 30 years laughing and was great company to have beers in the evening. Just be open minded and give those youngsters some of your invaluable life experience on their way! 🙂

Why do I recommend it to you?

Because I used Hostelworld dozens of times for almost 10 years and had so many good memories and experiences with it. And I don’t want you to miss that.   And – I’m honest – also because I can earn an affiliate commission, if you book a stay with Hostelworld over the link on this page. But I wouldn’t recommend it, if I wasn’t sure, that it is a good service.

Try it now and get a decent but cheap accommodation anywhere on this planet!

What does Dont worry Just travel get?

If you click on the links in this article and perform a booking on Hostelworld I will get a commission. It takes a lot of time to run a travel blog professionally, so I also need to make sure, that I earn some money for a living.


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  1. Martha

    Thank you for the recommendation. It’s always good to know where to get cheap hostel accommodation. I prefer booking in advance, seems less of a gamble that way!

    1. Dear Martha,
      Everyone has his / her strategy. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

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