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You are a real travel blogger or a private person, that likes to write.

Companies and company blogs get their infos here.

The story of your travel guest post can be about anything travel related.

The text should provide real value and not be some kind of commercial for a travel related company. We are not picky though. We just want to have a decently written text about travel.

Your text must be unique and can only be published on our website. Don’t offer us content, that is published somewhere else already.

Please contribute a travel text or travel blog guest post of at least 500 words, better even at least 1000 words. The better the quality is, the more of ours readers will click on your links and visit your blogs. It works. I know it the other way round.

You write the text grammatically correct and without typos. Just turn on that auto-correct or check the text for typos before sending it to us.

Provide a minimum of two, maximum three photographs with a minimum width of 600 pixels and give us the right to publish them on

If possible, please provide your text in HTML format, if you can. Like that we can publish it quicker.

Include a short biography of yourself, minimum three sentences.

dont-worry-just-travel-bourgogne-france-wine-plantationBefore publishing

We may make small changes to the text before publishing.

Your benefits, if you write for us

You can add a maximum of three links back to your blog or social media profiles.

Your text will be featured on our homepage for a while.

We will advertise your contribution on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

If you want it to be featured on our Instagram and Pinterest profile as well, give us an extra teaser picture specifically for this purpose.

dont-worry-just-travel_lake-of-brienz-iseltwaldOur benefits

We will have one more cool and interesting travel story on Dont worry Just travel.

We would like you to link to one of our blog articles in exchange.


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This offer is only for travel bloggers (single persons or couples), travel writers or private persons.
Travel bloggers and travel writers are only allowed to link back to their own blog and associated social media profiles. The ownership of the blog needs to be clearly visible in the about or contact section of the blog and you need to be a real person.
If you are a writer, that does not write for his own blog, do not bother filling out this form. You won’t receive an answer! At the beginning of this article I told you, where to find the informations for companies.

Yes, I am not a company writer.

Then start writing to get published on ASAP.

dont-worry-just-travel_arashiyama-bamboo-forest-kyoto-japanRelated FAQs

How to become a travel blogger? How to be a travel blogger?

For starting a travel blog you need to acquire many skills like travel writing, SEO, social media marketing, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.

Publishing a travel guest post will help you with your SEO, as Dont worry Just travel is five years old and has some authority in the field. Check out some independent SEO numbers of our website here and here. So to grow your travel blog it makes sense to publish travel guest posts on other travel websites like ours.

How to be a travel writer? What is travel writing?

This only works with practice in my opinion. It doesn’t make much sense to think about definitions. Publishing guest posts is a good way to test your travel writing skills on websites, that already have established audiences. By measuring, how many readers click on the link of your article you will know, what works and what doesn’t and then you simply write more, of what works.

How to write a travel blog?

Writing a travel blog works the same way as travel writing. You have to practice and Dont worry Just travel is one of the travel websites, that let’s you do such testing. Some travel bloggers regard their blog as a piece of art and want no-one else to interfere. That is not my attitude. I see it more as a kind of a travel marketplace, where I’m willing to let others join in.