Well, our world is full of laws and overpaid lawyers (just joking, in case you are one 🙂 ) and you, as my reader, deserve to be informed right. So here come my website information, disclaimer and my other legal remarks and copyright information:

Location and applicable law

This blog dontworryjusttravel.com is hosted on a server in Switzerland, hence the laws of Switzerland apply.

Website information

My name is Charles Rahm

My contact address is Azenwiesstrasse 15, CH-8255 Schlattingen, Switzerland

My phone contact is +41 44 586 77 95

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Disclaimer and my other legal remarks

Commercial site

This is a commercial site, so I reserve the right to earn money with it. But I’m committed to deliver quality to you nevertheless. I will not publish boring, uninteresting stuff. Well, at least not boring to my judgement. 🙂

My liability

I do my best to post information, that is actual. I refuse all liability if some information was not accurate anymore and you had time losses, financial losses or any other imaginable kind of damage because of that. I’m writing this, because the world changes fast and you can also see the date of the last change and hence know that an older information might be outdated. You’re welcome to send me an email to tell me about it.

I also refuse liability for remarks posted in comments of an article. The accuracy of the information given there lies in the responsibilty of the comment poster.

My site might be offline some time. That can happen and I also refuse liability for that.

If I post a link to another site I do this to give you additional good information and refuse any liability for the link. If a link is not working anymore you’re welcome to tell me by e-mail or comment.

Copyright information

The material published on this site, except if they’re written by other people, which would be marked in the article, is owned by Charles Rahm. You can use the material on this site for your personal use. You can publish the material somewhere else without my permission, if you don’t modify anything and include the link to the article and the link to my homepage in the end of the text. If you publish it on a webpage it needs to be an active link (active means that if someone clicks on it he really arrives on my page and it doesn’t mean that it’s just the text and you would need to paste it into a browser header first). For anything else you have to ask me for permission.

If the copyright is not owned by me in case of another author you have to ask the publishers of these articles, if you want to use it in any way.


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I really don’t want to totally spy you out, but cookies are used everywhere as a standard. Many elements of this website use cookies.

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