Top Destinations for an Ocean Cruise

While a lot of people love to travel, those new to international travel can sometimes focus only on their final destination a bit too much. This means that they pick a destination, find a hotel and make a false assumption that they should restrict their exploration to the vicinity of the city they’re in. Those more experienced will use their room to get some rest between tours and at the end of the day, before the next adventure begins.

For this reason, some well experienced travellers choose to go on a cruise. This way, you will have your bunk traveling with you wherever you go and you will also explore more than a single destination in one trip. With this in mind, here are a few ideas for when you decide to go and experience an ocean cruise.

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Panama Canal

There are two types of world wonders, those that are created by the powers of nature and those shaped by man’s hand. The Panama Canal is a perfect example of the latter. The power of early 20th century engineering managed to cut through the American continent and create a much-needed shortcut between two of the earth’s largest oceans. The canal itself is 48 miles long end to end, but it represents only a part of the itinerary there is much more to be explored and this is a great way to learn a bit more about the coastline of this famous Mesoamerican country.

The Caribbean

Another famous tropical cruise consists of visiting the renowned Caribbean islands. This particular cruise is quite close to our previously mentioned destination in both distance and price range. This usually means that you will have to fly to Miami and board your cruise ship there. From here, you’re supposed to visit all the places you’ve always read about such as Barbados, Martinique and Bahamas. The entire trip can last a little over a fortnight, which means that you won’t even have to take much absence from work but will be able to see much more than you thought you could!

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Indian Coastline Cruise

Finally, it would be simply unfair to leave out a cruise around the Indian Sub-Continent from this list. The cruise starts from the Malabar Coast where you can admire a landscape filled with moist broadleaf forests. This particular region is the most tropical in the entire India. The journey continues southwards and even allows one to explore Sri Lanka, the Jewel of the Indian Ocean. This amazing island is like no other, as it’s one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the region.


Going on a cruise can be a life changing experience. On most cruises ships, you will have the luxury of enjoying entertainment shows, meals prepared by celebrity chefs and even have a spa on board. On top of it all, you get to visit some of the most interesting destinations in the world, meet new cultures and see landscapes you didn’t imagine it existed. One of the many reasons most people who go on a cruise once tend to come back as soon as they get another chance.

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