The most comprehensive online Java Indonesia travel itinerary

The Indonesian island of Java can easily keep any traveller travelling solo or in a group

You‘ll have them to yourself: Visit the temples of East Java

Hidden places This series covers places where not many tourists show up. Discover the gems, that

Merapi – the dangerous Indonesian volcano

Close to Yogyakarta lies the Gunung Merapi, an Indonesian volcano and one of the most dangerous

Must visit: The Prambanan temples are really well preserved

At Prambanan, an inspiring location, I again felt a sense of travel frustration when I realized

Stroll through Yogyakarta and discover its treasures

Yogyakarta serves as a great base for the independent traveller who wants to visit nearby attractions,

Let these expert Java Indonesia travel tips help you out

Due to the size of Indonesia these travel tips for the independent traveller refer to the

My evidence: Borobudur is Asia‘s best ancient temple

Everyone has to answer this question for him or herself. When I visited the Buddhist Borobudur

The Dieng Plateau: Sulphurous smells and temples

The Dieng Plateau in Java, Indonesia offers three kinds of attractions: beautiful landscapes defined by volcanic

Admire Bandung‘s volcanoes in Indonesia and more

In the area surrounding Bandung, there is a multitude of volcanoes and tectonically active landscapes. Here is

You just gotta like it: Malang, charming city in East Java

Malang in East Java has managed to retain that certain charm. There are a few beautiful