St. Moritz horse racing White Turf

St. Moritz is famous for being a place for the rich. It is said, that many

Davos Switzerland during WEF

Davos Switzerland is a wonderful place in the eastern part of the Swiss Alps. Some facts

Frogs, bungalows, spiders: Visit in the jungle of Laos

Laos is famous for its wilderness and I wanted to have a feel of it. So

Terminal 21 Bangkok shopping center

I have fallen in love with one of the newest Bangkok Shopping Centers “Terminal 21”. It

Christmas in Bangkok

Asians love kitsch! You don’t believe me? Well, have a look at these pictures about Christmas

Munich Oktoberfest: How to get cheap rooms

It is very hard to get a reasonably priced room during the Munich Oktoberfest season. You

Munich Oktoberfest: Do’s and Dont’s

There are some rules at Munich Oktoberfest, that you better know. 🙂 Do … keep an

Five Munich Oktoberfest things to do

One of the most important Munich Oktoberfest things to do obviously is visiting a beer tent. The

Oktoberfest 2011: Impressions

Every now and then I like to return to Munich to melt into the Oktoberfest. I