St. Moritz horse racing White Turf

St. Moritz is famous for being a place for the rich. It is said, that many Russians (rich ones of course) like to be here during Russian Christmas. All year round many rich people stay here. But St. Moritz is in Switzerland and my country is famous for its discretion. So you don’t really see on the streets, which ones are the rich and which ones are the not so rich, because all the people that go St. Moritz, like to dress up.

People from the Engadin (that’s the name of the valley) have done something for their tourism and so – besides many other attractions – St. Moritz has its own bob run and there also is the white turf. It’s an horse race event that takes place in February on the surface of the frozen St. Moritz lake. In February 2010 I was there and made some pictures, which you can see in this article.

Besides watching the St. Moritz horse racing called White Turf some people like to show off their expensive fur coats and it’s a place to meet and make business (similar to the “In”-golf clubs all around the globe).

But don’t be scared. St. Moritz is also a place for normal people to enjoy a day at the sun. Just the hotel prices are over the top, but getting a coffee and a cake or something similar is about the same price range as in Zurich (which is about double the average Western European prices).

For more information on St. Moritz have a look here.

If you arrive from the South you have to cross the Bernina pass. It is open all winter and a wonderful sight.

white turf 100 0653

white turf 100 0667

white turf 100 0669

This is a view from St. Moritz onto the lake

white turf 100 0679

And here is a set of pictures of the lake and the horse races

white turf 100 0685

white turf 100 0695

white turf 100 0699

–> Strange: A dog with his own fur

white turf 100 0700

–> The only man I ever saw with a fur coat.

white turf 100 0701

–> I guess you can make good pictures with such a camera. 🙂

white turf 100 0705

white turf 100 0713

white turf 100 0717

white turf 100 0721

white turf 100 0728

white turf 100 0736

This is a picture of the entrance to St. Moritz town.

white turf 100 0740


Craving for more snow?

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2 responses to “St. Moritz horse racing White Turf”

  1. Earl

    Fascinating. I have been horse racing many times and seen races on grass as well as sand but never snow! Its a wonder no horses slip over!

    1. Dear Earl,
      I guess so. Havent’t thought about that yet! 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!