Davos Switzerland during WEF

Davos Switzerland is a wonderful place in the eastern part of the Swiss Alps.

Some facts

  • The city/village is 1560 metres above sea level
  • 6 skiing areas can be used in the winter season, in the summer season the same become lovely hiking places.
  • The famous (or infamous) WEF (World Economic Forum) takes place here yearly
  • A big choice for shopping, dining, partying is available.
  • More info

I had the luck to be there at the weekend when the WEF took place, where all the powerful people show up here to discuss about the problems of our world. So I made some photos of the security measures of such a global event.

But in the same time I had the luck of seeing Davos on a sunny day in a year (2012) with enormous amounts of snow and can hence show you some lovely pictures.

Pictures of Davos

davos 100 7152

The massive amount of snow makes the houses look like a smurf village.


davos 100 7170


davos 100 7163

The plains along the local creek can be used to have a walk or for cross-country skiing.


davos 100 7165

Wanna have a ride?


davos 100 7084

This and the next two pictures are from the Schatzalp.


davos 100 7091


davos 100 7225


davos 100 7235

A look on the Jakobshorn from the Schatzalp.


davos 100 7231

A look down on Davos Platz from the Schatzalp.

Pictures of the WEF in Davos

davos wef belvedere

Belvedere Hotel – one of the WEF places


davos wef gate

The guarded entrance to the WEF area


davos wef fences

A lot of fences can be seen.


davos wef surveillance

Big brother is watching you, at least during WEF.


davos wef shuttle

None of the participants have to walk from the hotel if they don’t want to.


davos wef fake

Many global companies rent a shop for a day or two, completely refurbish it and hold press conferences, meetings and so on. So you could say: Nothing is as it seems in Davos during WEF.

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