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Algarve is an area in the very south of Portugal.

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A great view from Cabo de São Vicente

Why should someone go to the Algarve?

History: See Roman and Moorish remains.

Beaches: Enjoy a day at one of the many beautiful beaches.

Food: Eat delicious seafood, enjoy a big chunk of beef at one of the many steakhouses (churrascaria) or just relax in one of the many small local cafeterias.



Fun at an Algarve beach

Silves castle

That impressive castle was built by the moors in the 10th and 11th century, hence it’s almost 1000 years old. Inside the castle there is a cistern (Cisterna da Moura Encantada) obviously used to have enough drinking water inside the castle. There is a legend that you can hear the ghost of a Moorish princess sing inside at midnight once a year.

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Silves village


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The entrance to the cistern


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Cabo de São Vicente

I’m a geography freak, so I had to visit the most south-western corner of Europe. I went for an extended walk and made photos of many of the cliffs. If you’re fan of beaches there are plenty up north or toward the east to be discovered. Just pick your favourite one. I discovered a beautiful natural one, but unfortunately don’t remember anymore, where it was exactly.

cabo-de-sao-vicente-100 0813

cabo-de-sao-vicente-100 0891

Lunchtime for crabs near the cape


The biggest city of Nigeria has its name from this one. This Lagos is much smaller than it’s sibling in Africa and has an enjoyable and charming structure. So it is already really enjoyable to just walk around, have a look at the buildings. In-between you can have a coffee, eat something or try to find a good souvenir. A lot of nice beaches can also be found near Lagos. In the night it is the party destination of the Algarve.


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25 km north of Portimão you find Monchique. Besides having a really nice old town inhabited by totally relaxed people it is a very good place to go for a hike. The landscape is a beautiful mix of trees, plantations and natural spots. Walk up to the top to be rewarded with a good view. The signposting of the hikes is quite good and in the tourism centre you can get maps.

monchique-100 0973

monchique-100 0975

monchique-100 0989

monchique-100 0990

monchique-100 0999

Castro Marim

Is a city that existed already in the Roman times. So some Roman artefacts can be seen here. The nearby nature habitat is home to many birds, so if bird watching is your big hobby this is the place to go.

How to get there

Faro, the biggest city in the Algarve, can be reached with some budget airlines. The best connections are from England. Apart from that regular airlines offer the best options. I used my miles to fly to Faro.

How to get around

Since public transport is not so well, the best option is to rent a car. (If book the rental about one month before and pay the price beforehand online with your credit card you will get a good price.) If you’re also equipped with a good navigation device there is no more obstacle for some good time and fun.

Best travel time

Go there March to April. That’s the time before high season, where the prices are still reasonable and you always find a parking space for your rental car even in the city centres. Plus the temperatures are not too high.

Accommodation: I booked a good hotel in Loulé with booking.com.

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