Inspiring Holidays to Lake Garda: Just The Trip You Need!

Organizing Your Holidays to Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake is a very popular holiday destination for sightseeing and relaxation, water sports and various outdoor activities. It can offer mesmerizing sights and tranquil surroundings, providing you the best escape from the hectic life in the city. The lake has been inspiring painters and poets throughout the years and is beautifully described in various pieces of art. Today the holidays to Lake Garda are as popular as ever, the travellers being tempted by the diversity of landscape – the crystal waters of the 50 km long lake, the islands and islets, the lovely Dolomite Mountains to the north and the romantic villages and vineyards to the south.

For your travel planning concerning Lake Garda

Placed in Northern Italy, the area can be easily reached from the UK since there are numerous flights to Lake Garda, with the nearest airport being just outside the city of Verona. It handles flights from various cities in UK like London and Manchester, Leeds, Dublin and East Midlands, as well as from the rest of Europe.
Following the flight, the individual travellers and groups are welcome to use the package holidays to Lake Garda and the reasonably priced transfers offered by the hotels. Other options for reaching the small resort towns around the lake are provided by the direct bus line operating during the summer. There is also shuttle bus service to Verona and bus and train that you can use after that.
Your cheap holidays to Lake Garda can also start from the airports at Milan Bergamo (Orio al Serio), Milan Linate, and Milan Malpensa, as well as from Venice airports Marco Polo and Treviso. Bergamo airport is also an option, being served by Ryanair from UK and other airline companies from Northern Ireland.
However, the best way to reach Lake Garda is by a flight from the UK airports – preferably London, and then by getting a rental car which you can further use for exploring the region.

A romantic bench in Torbole

The Charming Riva del Garda

The marvellous town of Riva del Garda is part of Trento province in Northern Italy. In the past however, it belonged to the Republic of Venice and then to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Simply called Riva, the settlement is located at the north-western corner of Lake Garda, at the southern end of the Italian Alps close to the Dolomites Mountains. You will find the winters here cold but sunny, and the summers – warm with the typical breeze from the lake.
A popular place for holidays to Lake Garda, the town has many appealing places and offers you nice Riva del Garda hotels to choose from. You can find various landmarks and things to do in Riva del Garda:

  • The medieval fortress Rocca with its bastions and drawbridge, museum Civico and cultural activities during the summer.
  • Porta San Marco, dating back to 11th century, with the church and the special frescos on the dome.
  • Chiesa dell’Inviolata Church, being the most beautiful baroque church in Trentino region.
  • The Paleo ethnographic museum near Lago di Ledro, as well as Tenno Lake and Varone falls.

You will like your stay here due to the Riva del Garda beach and its great options for windsurfing and sailing. The diversity on the Riva del Garda restaurant scene and the lovely Riva del Garda nightlife further add to the charm of the place.

The pretty little town of Malcesine

With its beautiful medieval setting, the Malcesine town on Lake Garda is placed on the north coast, some 60 km northwest of the town of Verona. The picturesque settlement can be easily reached with the regular ferries that provide connection between the various towns on the lake.
An idyllic place for holidays to Lake Garda for individual travellers, families and groups of friends, the town will offer you nice and comfortable Malcesine hotels with affordable room prices. It features many nice shops along the narrow lanes of the town, various recreation spots, and dining places. Being one of the most characteristic towns in the area of Lake Garda, Malcesine is known for:

  • The medieval Malcesine castle Castello Scaligero and its tower with a clock bell.
  • The historical Palazzo dei Capitani.
  • The beach and the windsurfing that Malcesine offers on Lake Garda.

The town is quite popular among the mountain sport lovers too, who can rent mountain bikes near the Malcesine cable car up to the summit of Montebaldo at 1750 m, enjoy a great panoramic view, dine at the restaurant at the top and ride down the slopes. Another interesting place for you to consider here is the old Porto Vecchio with its sculptures and numerous restaurants.

Having Italian Gelato in Malcesine is also a good idea.

The Historic Town of Sirmione

Sirmione is a historical town placed on the very tip of the peninsula, set on the southern shore of Lake Garda between Pschiera and Desenzano. It has healing thermal springs, impressive historical ruins, and romantic narrow streets that will tempt you to search for comfortable accommodation at the Sirmione hotels. The hotels in Sirmione offer excellent services, providing everything you may need for a relaxing stay including private beaches, lovely swimming pools and romantic sun terraces.

The Lake Garda town of Sirmione has several tourist attractions as well including:

  • Rocca Scaligera – a thirteenth-century castle surrounded by a moat with swans and ducks. Great place for kids.
  • Villa Romana – large and impressive with ruined walls, archaeological finds and small museum. The villa is known as the Catullo Grottoes or the Scaligera Fortress and features an old church.
  • Gardaland theme park – ideal amusement park for the children.

This family-friendly spa town and a peaceful tourist spot for individual travellers offers you excellent conditions for practising various water sports including sailing and windsurfing. The town is connected to the other settlements by the ferries crossing Lake Garda. Bus service connection is also possible from the towns of Verona and Brescia.

Lake Garda: Impossible Not to Love It

For many long decades Lake Garda has been captivating the attention of the travellers and holiday-makers. The romantic lake shores and the beautiful old mansions, the vineyards to the south and the winds playing with the waters to the north will definitely attract you. The temperate climate and the rich vegetation of lemon and olive groves, orange and palm trees, oleanders and cypresses, will further make you book your holidays to Lake Garda. If you are wondering where to stay in Lake Garda, Agoda is a good website to start from. It will make your hotel booking for Lake Garda a pretty simple process.

With a long and slim shape, the lake is stretching from north to south where its southern shore is low and built up and its northern shore is surrounded by cliffs and mountains. Popular holiday resorts, the lakeside towns are all appealing, while being different in character and atmosphere. You can check this tourist map of lake Garda to find all small settlements and Lake Garda quiet campsites. All settlements are connected by boats as boat hire at Lake Garda and Lake Garda boat trips are available and easy to book.

Lake Garda is the perfect place where you can enjoy a holiday to remember full of relaxation and sports, sightseeing and fun, as well as tasty meals. The well-preserved historical ruins and the cultural attractions are just some of the options if you are wondering what is there to do in Lake Garda region.

Things to do in Lake Garda

There are many Lake Garda attractions that you can enjoy. Among the best sites to be seen are:

  • Palazzo Ducale with its beautiful frescos and gilt ceilings in Mantua.
  • The impressive Giardino Botanico Fondazione André Heller at Gardone Riviera.
  • The charming fishing port in the town of Limone on Lake Garda, with its mild climate and tasty Mediterranean food of fresh-water fish, local citrus fruits and olive oil.
  • The old Camaldolite monastery, the impressive wooded Rocca and the nearby fortress, placed around the attractive panoramic bay around which Garda town was built.
  • Varone Waterfall – the most popular natural attraction on the upper part of Lake Garda.

Do you need a car in Lake Garda?

Car rental is not needed if you plan to stay in one town along Lake Garda. Yet, if you wish to explore the region during your holidays to Lake Garda, better rent a car.

Another picture from Torbole

Weather in Lake Garda

The area of Lake Garda has Mediterranean climate, much milder than the one of the surrounding regions. The best time of year for you to visit Lake Garda depends on the things you want to experience. The temperatures at the northern side of the lake are a bit lower and the weather is windier compared to the weather at the southern part. Most of the rainfall happens in the months of March and April, October and November.

If you visit the region in the months of July and August, you will have long and hot days to spend on the beach (around 30°C) and swim in the warm waters (around 23°C). Yet, this is the peak holiday season, so expect crowds of tourists. In late August occasional thunderstorms in the late afternoons are possible.

Lake Garda weather in May, June and September is warm and pleasant, yet the water is rather cold for swimming. You can expect plenty of sunshine, long warm evenings, and no crowds. Most travellers say that this is the best time of the year for you to visit Lake Garda. The worst is in November, when it is wet and unpleasant.

The Lake Garda weather in October and in April is usually wet with temperatures of around 18°C. During the winter months of December, January and February it can get quite cold.

Thus before you book your holidays to Lake Garda, write for example Malcesine weather or Riva del Garda weather or type the name of the town around Lake Garda you are going to, to get an idea of what weather to expect.

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