Five Munich Oktoberfest things to do

One of the most important Munich Oktoberfest things to do obviously is visiting a beer tent.

The favourite one of my Munich friend is the Hacker tent, because there is always a good ambiance inside. Number 2 would be the Schottenhamel tent. It is usually still possible to get in there, once the Hacker is closed due to congestion. Also recommended is the Paulaner or the Braurosl tent.
The Hofbrauhaus tent is recommended as an international melting pot. There are loads of US-Americans, Aussies and English people there having the party of their lifetime.

Try the Toboggan

Amongst the other Munich Oktoberfest things to do the Toboggan is the most famous choice! First you have to master the conveyor belt that has an unreasonable speed and you have to be able to stand on it and get transported up, then you climb up the stairs and go down on a slide. There always are a lot of people watching and enjoying it when the people fall onto the conveyor belt (9 of 10).

Schichtl playhouse

Watch a life (obviously fake) execution and other weird shows. Even if you don’t understand German it is still worth watching.

Drink a beer on a beer-carousel.

Why? Why not!? It doesn’t make much sense, but it is a Bavarian custom that you can experience.

Wear a tracht as a lady or a lederhose as a gentleman.

This is somehow the best of this big party, that a lot of people, foreigners included, wear it.

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