Terminal 21 Bangkok shopping center

I have fallen in love with one of the newest Bangkok Shopping Centers “Terminal 21”. It opened in 2011. It is so full of fantasy and small hints, that I went there with my camera to make pictures. Especially the toilets are designed with an almost infinite creativity. I can only recommend you to visit it when you’re in Bangkok. It is directly accessible by the skytrain-station “Asok”, which is connected with the subway-station “Sukumvhit”.


And now I just let the pictures “speak”:

t21 0g rome 01


t21 0g rome 02


t21 0g rome 03


t21 0m paris 01


t21 0m paris 02


t21 1 tokyo 01


t21 1 tokyo 02


t21 1 tokyo 03


t21 1 tokyo 04


t21 2 london 01


t21 2 london 02

Really good idea! You enter the toilet and you think you’re in the London tube.


t21 2 london 03


t21 2 london 04


t21 2 london 05


t21 3 istanbul 01


t21 3 istanbul 02

I don’t know if Turkish visitors are happy with this design. As far as I know Turkish is not an Arab language. 🙂


t21 3 istanbul 03


t21 3 istanbul 04


t21 3 istanbul 05


t21 3 istanbul 06


t21 3 istanbul 07


t21 4 san francisco 01


t21 4 san francisco 02

My personal favourite are the two bakery toilets on the 4th floor. The staff uniform is adapted to the theme of the floor by the way. So the cleaning staff looks like they would work in a bakery. 🙂


t21 4 san francisco 03


t21 4 san francisco 04


t21 4 san francisco 05


t21 4 san francisco 06

All the toilets are in luxury style with buttons. I wonder how long these will last, as surely every user will probably test all buttons.


t21 5 san francisco 01

San Francisco is on two levels – the two food floors.


t21 5 san francisco 02


t21 5 san francisco 03


t21 5 san francisco 04


t21 5 san francisco 05


t21 5 san francisco 06

The food court on the fifth floor is just amazing!


t21 6 cinema 01

That is the toilet entrance of the sixth floor, the cinema level.


And here some pictures that are not from specific levels, first an outside view.

t21 else 01


t21 else 02


t21 else 03


t21 else 04


t21 else 05


t21 else 06


t21 else 07


t21 else 08

This is from the lowest level. Who wouldn’t want to go shopping in this food delicacy supermarket?


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2 responses to “Terminal 21 Bangkok shopping center”

  1. Ayse

    I also fell in love with Terminal 21 shopping mall. Location wise, its excellent, right by the trains. Probably the best food mall in Bangkok for both quality and price. Even if you don’t want to shop- it’s well worth a visit just for the food alone.

    1. Dear Ayse, thank you for your comment.
      That’s true. Especially if you’re into Japanese food, as that is the favourite food of the Thais except, of course, their own Thai cuisine.