Top 4 Roatan Travel Tips

During the cold winter months, many people find themselves dreaming of destinations with warmer climates. In the case of those residing in North America, our minds most often turn to the Caribbean. With its brilliant blue waters and inviting sunshine, it’s no wonder 25 million people visit the Caribbean each year.

One often overlooked place in the Caribbean is Roatan. One of Honduras’ Caribbean islands, Roatan sits right next to the Meso-American Barrier Reef, the third largest barrier reef in the world. With so much to do – snorkelling, diving, beach combing, hiking – it’s no wonder 1 million people visited Roatan in 2015.

No matter the time of year, Roatan will always have something amazing for you to do. Before you head there, check out our top tips for travelling to this amazing tropical island.

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Pack Light

If there’s one place you don’t need to over-pack for, it’s Roatan. The laid-back Caribbean atmosphere means you don’t need to bring tons of outfits for different occasions. Most restaurants allow casual wear so you can ditch the fancy dresses – or sometimes, even shoes! If you’re heading to Roatan to soak up the sun, you’ll really only need a bathing suit, a cover up, sandals, and some sunscreen. For the hikers in the group, tell them to stick to the basics of practical footwear and an outfit they can sweat in.

Bring Your Essentials

The great thing about most places in the Caribbean that receive reasonable amounts of tourist traffic is that you can almost always find something you might have left at home – sunblock, lip balm, ibuprofen, gum, sunglasses, etc. However, those items are pricier in the Caribbean and Roatan is no exception. Make sure you have everything you consider to be “basic necessities” when you travel to Roatan, especially if you’re staying in a more remote location rather than close to town.

Look for Deals

When you stay in Roatan or anywhere in the Caribbean, you can usually find a deal. During the high season, you might find a deal with a resort where you can get discounts with various vendors. For example, when people stay at a popular Roatan resort called Blue Bahia, they get a discount for scuba diving at the on-site dive shop which can help them save plenty of money over the course of the week, especially if they plan on diving frequently. You can also find deep discounts on flights and accommodation during the low season.


Know Your Surroundings

Before you depart for vacation, take the time to research the area around your Roatan hotel or resort. See if there are any places worth visiting on a day excursion and what’s within your immediate walking vicinity. It’s a great way to find local restaurants and shops you might want to check out. Being well prepared will pay off even if you don’t end up needing all the knowledge.

Now that you have all these tips, you’re ready for your trip to Roatan. Don’t forget to pack your sunblock and have tons of fun!

How to get there

United Airlines, Delta and American all offer year round direct flights from the United States. From November – April, direct charter flights are available from Canada. The best time of the year to visit is between January and June.

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